Bring Your Vision To Life

In our every day lives, we often hear about brands who are inspired by new designs and technologies, others by trends targeting consumer preferences, but we do not often hear about a company who gets their inspiration from million-year-old stone, well at least until know. Welcome to ROXXLYN.

You do not just purchased a Roxxlyn product, you customize it. With the worlds first product configurator which enables you to select each individual piece of stone, also for your iPhone X. Take your inspiration from anywhere, then bring your vision to life. The full collection is available online or visit the Roxxlyn flagship store in Berlin Mitte district


This Technology took years to master. A process that allows extracting million years old genuine natural stone rocks into thin extraordinary and unique pieces. The result is a dramatic contrast between a modern material and a stunning rustic stone and it is absolutely smooth to the touch.

Made in Germany

Winner of the Prestigious Good Design award Roxxlyn is a German company who has its home in Berlin Mitte district, tucked away between old factory buildings and modern coffee shops. A small team of dedicated artisans and engineers are there to devote themselves to create outstanding and unique products with minimalist athletics and high quality materials.