Dear valued customer, first of all thank you for making your purchase with us. Below we are offering some help how to adjust your product correctly.

If you do have any questions, something is not clear please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime at – We do speak german, english and russian and looking very much forward to help and assist.

Please Read These Important Instructions:

We have updated the backing paper for your convenience and ease of use. Please note that it is different from what is shown in the video below. You can use the backing paper as support, but always make sure to use the correct side – silicone glossy white.

Based on our experience, we strongly recommend placing the skin on the device before use (mirrored – with the stone facing down) to get a feel for how it should look. Please note that once the skin is applied, we cannot accept returns.

As the slate skin is made of real stone, there may be small stone and dust particles, especially after shipping. This is normal, but please keep this in mind when cleaning. We recommend cleaning your device before applying the skin. Once the skin is glued, small particles may lay on the Apple logo initially. We recommend blowing on it before cleaning to avoid small micro scratches.

To make the stone more flexible, you can heat it slightly with a hair dryer. However, be careful not to heat it directly. Just apply a little heat selectively. The stone will immediately become more flexible, but this effect is lost again when it cools down.

If you have purchased the Apple Logo Guard Film, please check the instructions before applying your slate skin.

For the 14″ / 16″ MacBook Pro 2021-2024 / 13.6″  and 15″ MacBook Air 2022-24, we have made important changes as Apple has updated the shape and design. The new MacBooks have a very hard and short edge, with no straight lines or soft convex shapes. We decided to keep a small edge once the curvature of the edge starts, which visually measures 1.3mm/0.05inch. Please see

If you have any questions before applying, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. It is always better to clarify questions before application, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Simple Guide to Removing Your MacBook Slate Skin

Your MacBook Slate Skin is secured with top-tier double-sided tape from 3M and Oracal, ensuring a strong bond. But don’t worry: Normally, there are no residues left after removal.

What You’ll Need: An old plastic card (like a credit card), glass cleaner, acetone, 1-2 microfiber cloths.
Time: Set aside about 15 minutes and stay calm.
Step-by-Step Removal

Start: Gently lift a corner of the skin using your fingernail or the plastic card. Avoid using sharp objects to protect your MacBook.

Apply Heat: If the skin is stubborn, use a hairdryer. Warm the area slightly to loosen the adhesive, and then slowly peel off the skin.

Caution: Excessive heat might leave more residue and cause damage.

Removing Adhesive Residues: Don’t worry if some residues remain. They can be easily removed with acetone applied to a microfiber cloth.

Important Notes: Be patient and careful to avoid damaging your MacBook.
Although our adhesive tape is high-quality, it might still leave minimal traces sometimes.

This guide is designed to help you remove the slate skin safely and cleanly, ensuring your MacBook looks as good as new.

Included in the delivery (purchase option) are two Apple Logo Guard protective films to apply to your Apple logo (device).

Before you can start with the slate skin, the protective film for your Apple logo should be applied. Generally, it is recommended that you apply the logo guard film a few hours before the final application of the slate skin.

Once this is applied and you are happy with the results, the slate skin can be applied. Once this is done, the Apple logo protective film cannot be replaced. Therefore, the timing should be chosen wisely.

The protective film comes from the Orafol company from Germany and is mainly used in the automotive sector. We find that the properties are ideal for this purpose, as the film has some very unique features (see product description).

The protective film comes pre-cut on a liner, since the protective film is very thin, it is recommended that you use a simple needle to help you detach it. If the sides of the protective film bulge a bit unsightly, that is not a problem. It is important that the surface of the Apple logo is well and cleanly covered and that there are no bumps that the slate skin cannot compensate for later.

You can find detailed instructions on how to apply the film in Orafol’s application video, as well as in the instructions and data sheet. For sure its more complicated on a car but we are sure you get the idea and break it down on your small logo. Any questions we are right at your fingertips.




Technisches Datenblatt


Processing Instructions

Technical Datasheet


Now that you own a Roxxlyn Real Slate Stone AirTag Case, this is the right way to use it smoothly and easily. Please follow this procedure over soft surfaces to avoid damage if the AirTag is dropped.

Please clean all surfaces of your AirTag. This will make things much easier and provide an even better result.

We also recommend using a small needle to carefully peel the stickers off the peel paper. Just lift one edge of the sticker carefully and the sticker will not be destroyed during removal.

The Apple AirTag has two sides, one has the metal side which also contains the Apple logo and engraved details of the airtag, let’s call this side “SILVER“. The white plastic side of the airtags we call “WHITE“.

First, apply the vinyl stickers to the exact center of the edge surface of your Airtag. One on each side. On the “SILVER” side of the AirTag, the sticker will overlap a little. This is perfect and is how it should be. For this side only, we recommend using a lighter to wrap the edges a bit for a perfect result. (A little gentle heat will do the trick).

Make sure you now place the airtag inside the case. Finally, remove the sticker with the real stone and place it in the exact cavity provided so that it looks just right.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? If you have any questions, you know how to reach us.

So you now own a Roxxlyn iPhone Case, this is the right way to use it smoothly and simply. Please follow this procedure above soft surfaces to avoid damage if the phone is dropped.

Simply place your phone inside the case. this is a one-piece case and it will just fit perfectly.

It wasn’t too hard, was it ?If you have any questions, you know how to reach us.

Now that you have a Roxxlyn Real Slate Stone Skin for your new iMac, this is the right way to use it smoothly and easily. Please read the following steps carefully in advance, if you have any questions please contact our support directly at to clarify possible issues before applying  as it might be too late afterwards.

Now unplug your iMac from power and disconnect all other connectors on the device. We recommend at least 15 minutes of rest for your device before you can finally start.

Please take a solid and stable surface, a desk, dining table or similar, important that you now put a soft cloth as a base on your desk, big enough for the iMac. This will protect your screen during the application. Important, no dust particles or any other particles in this cloth.

Please clean all surfaces especially the back of your iMac. This will make things much easier and ensure an even better result.

Now place the iMac with the display side down on the cloth. In front of you, you can now see the back of your iMac. The iMac is now in a horizontal position.

Next to you you now have the slate skin, this is applied on two pieces silicone liner, as soon as you remove this the adhesive starts to develop its power, so be careful. This real stone sticker consists of 3 up to 4 parts, if should you also have purchased the front cover.

TIP: You can also use both silicone liners if needed at any time, important use the smooth side for the adhesive side of the real stone sticker otherwise your skin will be damaged.

1 – Is the main surface, about 97% of the total area.
2 – is for the lower middle part, here is your power cable later on
3 – is meant to cover the on/off switch of your iMac

TIP: Just as reference as we dont have a video tutorial for the iMac yet, but basically pretty similiar just the silicon liner is different.

Tip:  If needed. Some heat like sun rays or a hair dryer will make the skin a bit more flexible. You can expose it briefly to the sun before attaching it.

Now take the big sticker (1) and stick it on the back of your iMac. Please press the stone surface to your iMac only when you have the desired position on your iMac. With this piece it is recommended to do the alignment with two people. If it still does not quite fit, you can carefully push and pull the stone or carefully remove it completely. Important carefully otherwise unsightly stretch marks arise. This double adhesive is a very special developed one which will leave zero glue when removing.

Please proceed and add sticker part (2) and then part (3) – finally (4)if purchased.

It wasn’t too hard, was it ?If you have any questions, you know how to reach us.


Roxxlyn magnetic wireless charger made the wireless charging fast and convenient by adding real marble. The magnetic body can precisely align the charging product and precisely attach the latest iPhone 12 generations.  Its greatly improves the charging speed. (Power can be up to max. 15W).

This unique charger is compatible for QI wireless charging, so it can work like QI certified charger to charge for iPhone 8 or higher model and Airpods, which are compatible with wireless Charging box and other Qi standard wireless charging phone models wirelessly.

Installation Steps

  1. The LED will flash for a while when power on, then goes off, it means the charger is in standby mode.
  2. Put the products you want to charge into the inductive area of the charger, the blue light will turn on, the devices are charging. The blue light turns on, the products are charging, it turns off when they are fully charged.
  3. The blue light flashes when something touches the FOD function area.
  4. The LED goes off when the charging products are removed, the wireless charger goes into standby mode.

Product specification

Model: Roxxlyn Real Marble Wirless Charger

Materials: Real Marble + Aluminum Body + Alcantara


Input QC 5V-2A,9V-l.67A,12V-l.SA

Output SW/7 ,SW/lOW/lSW

Working frequency 100-205kHz

Conversion efficiency ~80% -85°/o

Transmission distance ~3-4mm

Safety instructions

  1. do not disassemble or throw into fire or water. to avoid o short circuit.
  2. do not use the wireless charger in very hot, humid, or corrosive environments to avoid circuit damage and leakage phenomena.
  3. do not place the charger too close to a magnetic stripe or chip cable (ID card cable, smart cards, etc.) to avoid magnetic failure.
  4. please keep a distance of at least 20 cm from implantable medical devices. Avoid interference with the medical device.
  5. Pay attention to your children not to use the wireless charger to avoid unnecessary accidents.


  1. Please use a qualified AC adapter. The AC adapter should be 9V / 2A or QC 3.0 or higher, otherwise insufficient input current may cause unstable charging.
  2. do not insert too many magnetic strips or smart cards (ID cards, bank cards, etc.) to avoid magnetic errors. Make sure that the disk does not get too hot. If the disk is too hot, remove your phone from the disk the disk and turn off the disk. The plate may turn off automatically if it is too hot. When the plate has cooled down, try charging again.

The LED indicator will continue to flash, or the charging pad will turn off by itself if the charging process goes wrong.

FAQ and solution

  1. Why the led indicator keeps flashing and my phone do not charge? -Make sure your mobile device supports Qi-standard. -Make sure you find the right charging position. – Please make sure you use 9V-2A or QC 3.0 or higher AC adapter.
  1. Why it charges slower than my original adapter come with the mobile device? – The current for wireless charging, from the phone itself or the external receiver coilis different. -When the phone is charging, the standby power consumption is high. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the phone’s standby program.
  1. Is the radiation of wireless charging harmful to health? The wireless charger of the charger emits non-ionizing radiation, which is not harmful to humans.
  1. My device gets hot while charging, is this normal? If you do not charge your device in a good charging area, the heat dissipation may not be good and your phone will get hot during charging. The charger has an overheating protection function.
  1. Is the watch not charging? The watch is probably not in the correct position. Reposition the device.


We provide all our customers with 12 months warranty from the date of purchase.

International Standards


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