The iPhone Slate Case Transocean

The Transocean genuine slate case is handcrafted from real slate in our German manufactory. Delicate lines of dark gray contrasting with light gold and beige crisscross the stone, adding a vibrant intensity. Transocean’s elegant appearance is defined by its unique stone structure. Through a special in-house development, the interior is equipped with finest Alcantara and a unique polymer technology that absorbs shock and enables wireless charging.



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The real Slate Case Black Impact Case is classic and discreet. It is handcrafted in Berlin from real slate and lined with the finest Alcantara, which gives your iPhone optimum protection during your daily travels. Combined with a high quality frame, this masterpiece weights just 35 grams. Its rich grey black texture has a sensational surface due to the varying stone structure, which is lively and exceptional, making each individual product truly unique.

Wireless charging same as any other frequencies are fully supported with no compromises.

The Case itself is made from Thermoplastic polyurethane and Polycarbonate and is available in different finishes and colors. Total product weight is just 35 up to 45 grams depending on the size of the case. As with all our products, this case is a unique piece, which differs in its unique rock structure and coloring, each is a unique piece of nature.  

Custom Tailoring