The iPhone Precious Stone Case Tiger Eye

Already for many centuries, the tiger eye gemstone is considered a powerful talisman due to its unique colouring and the light effect. The Egyptians of antiquity carved the gemstone into sacred figures that represented the divine power. Even the crusaders are said to have had knowledge of the effect of the tiger’s eye. As an amulet, the tiger’s eye was already used with the old Greeks against the evil look and in the Middle Ages against devilish figures and witches. In the people’s belief, the assumption was widespread that the owner of a tiger’s eye could see everything, also behind closed doors.


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Wireless charging same as any other frequencies are fully supported with no compromises.

The Case itself is made from Thermoplastic polyurethane and Polycarbonate and is available in different finishes and colors. Total product weight is just 35 up to 45 grams depending on the size of the case. As with all our products, this case is a unique piece, which differs in its unique rock structure and coloring, each is a unique piece of nature.  

Magsafe magnets are available and are perfectly integrated for full support of Original Apple wireless chargers and Roxxlyn chargers as add-on option. 

Due to our own special development, the interior of the case is equipped with a finest suede/- veggie leather and offers a unique polymer technology that is shock absorbing and enables wireless charging perfectly without any compromises. 


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