The iPhone Marble Case Bianco Carrara

is handmade of genuine white marble Bianco Carrara  in Germany. The marble is sourced from the famous quarry in Tuscany, Italy. This outstanding white marble can be admired in buildings and statues around the world. This iPhone case is handcrafted from a high quality, ultra-lightweight TPU PC case, lined with the finest Alcantara for optimal protection of your iPhone. It is a unique masterpiece and weighs only 35 grams. With its polished surface, it unfolds an exclusive atmosphere and exudes luxury.



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Powerful, moving and impressive like a painting, Invisible Grey marble leaves an unforgettable impression. Its classic elegance is unique. Delicate contours of dark grey in contrast to bright golden ones run through the marble and create a dramatic intensity that goes under the skin. Obtained from the quarries of Turkey, it is processed into a unique design case in Berlin. The result is a noble design, which is completed

Wireless charging same as any other frequencies are fully supported with no compromises.

The Case itself is made from Thermoplastic polyurethane and Polycarbonate and is available in different finishes and colors. Total product weight is just 35 up to 45 grams depending on the size of the case. As with all our products, this case is a unique piece, which differs in its unique rock structure and coloring, each is a unique piece of nature.  

Magsafe magnets are available and are perfectly integrated for full support of Original Apple wireless chargers and Roxxlyn chargers as add-on option. 

Due to our own special development, the interior of the case is equipped with a finest suede/- veggie leather and offers a unique polymer technology that is shock absorbing and enables wireless charging perfectly without any compromises. 

Introducing the marble:Invisible Grey
A marble with an extraordinary character. It is one of the very special types of our marble varieties and captivates with its uniqueness and naturalness at the same time. It is extracted from the quarries of Turkey. Powerful, evocative and impressive like a painting, the marble Invisible Grey leaves an unforgettable impression. Its classic elegance is unique. Delicate lines of dark grey in contrast to bright golden ones run through the marble, creating a dramatic intensity that gets under your skin. One of the oldest materials of mankind and one of the noblest at the same time
As marble, the Invisible Grey belongs to the metamorphic group. The creation process is very slow. During the regional metamorphosis, large quantities of rock are always transformed by the influence of pressure and heat under magma contact. The formation of marble is very time-consuming, the process is very slow

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