The AirTag Slate Case Indian Summer

The real Slate Case Indian Summer for the new Apple Airtags is classic and discreet. It is handcrafted in Berlin – just made to order. This outstanding and unique case gives your Apple Airtags an optimum of protection during your daily travels. Combined with a high quality TPU housing, this masterpiece is ultra-light and makes your Aplle Airtags stand out from the crowd . Its rich various texture has a sensational surface due to the varying stone structure, which is lively and exceptional, making each individual product truly unique.

We now offer two different editions, the “Lifestyle” edition and the “Adventure” edition.

What is the difference?

The “Lifestyle” edition is designed to have a very unique look and feel. A large stone surface that makes this model shine. The TPU surface is finished with a special oil to make it even smoother. This model allows very easy access to your AirTags at any time, it is made for customers who frequently change their usage behaviour, accessories and bags while providing a good grip.

The “Adventure” edition, has a 90% same design, but is made for a perfect holding effect for the urban adventurer. The stone surface is slightly smaller as the edges of this case have been enlarged to provide more protection and grip on your daily travels. We also strongly recommned this version for customer who use the case for their keychains.


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KEY RINGS – A set consists of 1 large key ring (30 mm diameter), 1 medium key ring (25 mm diameter) and 1 small key rings (20 mm diameter).

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – The key rings are made of galvanized steel and are extremely robust and durable. Unintentional bending is almost impossible.
SECURE HOLD – Roxxlyn key rings are high quality and have a strong lock so that no key is lost.
UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE – The set with different sizes means you are well prepared for every situation. Adapt your key holder individually to your needs.

Whats in the shipment: 

  • 1 x Nude/Rose matt TPU Case for Apple Airtags
    3 x Keyring (different sizes – 30/25/20mm ; gold shiny)
    1 x Real Slate Stone Skin with or without Apple Cut-Out (goes on the white part)
    2 x High Quality Sticker ORAFOL white matt (front) – protects the white material underneath the stone piece and creates a great contrast
    2 x High Quality Sticker ORAFOL white matt (backside) – protects the backside of the Apple Airtags, engraved silver side


Item is shipped from Berlin, Germany.