The Real Slate + Metal + Magnetic AirTag Case Black Rock

The brand new Apple AirTag Real Stone + CNC Aluminium + Magnets Case Black Rock for the new Apple Airtags is classic and discreet. It is handmade in Germany. This outstanding and unique cases gives your Apple Airtags an optimum of protection during your daily travels. Combined with a high quality CNC milled and black anodized aluminum housing, this masterpiece is ultra-light and makes your Apple Airtags stand out from the crowd . Its rich grey black texture has a sensational surface due to the varying stone structure, which is lively and exceptional, making each individual product truly unique.


एसकेयू50001-4-1-2-2 श्रेणी
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अधिक जानकारी + वीडियो

शिपमेंट में क्या है:

1 x Black matt anodized aluminum Case with magnets for your Apple Airtags
1 x Carabiner gun colored
1 x Real Slate Stone Skin with or without Apple Cut-Out – your choice
3 x High Quality Sticker ORAFOL black matt (front + back) – protects the white + silver material underneath the stone piece and creates a great contrast
1 x Thank you card with Instructions link to a detailed manual how to setup correctlyl. Setup takes max. 3min


Item is shipped from Germany.

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